We are Al Almania Company For Trade & Industry. Our company was established in 1955. We are specialized in: Abrasives Rolls, Cutting Discs and all Factoriesí needs. We import all our products from Germany with high quality, so we have the best German experiences to supply our Customers with all market needs. Through all previous years our Company proved its Efficiency, so we gained our customerís trust inside & outside Egypt.  
We are seeking to satisfy our customers by supplying the best services with best quality & also seeking to supply Market with all its needs such as: Abrasives Rolls, Cutting Discs and factories needs. We donít care only with our customersí needs within selling process, but also after finishing it.
Our main goal is to serve the national industry and to reach our customers satisfaction; therefore trust becomes the main gain for us in the markets, which makes us one of the leading companies in Egypt.
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